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Magnetic Motion Tracking System

Video #04

Tri-axis magnetic sensor, AK09940 is the most suitable sensor for measuring the minimum magnetic field in the nano-tesla range.

The magnetic sensitivity in the three axes makes it easy to detect which direction the magnetic field is being applied to the sensor.

When used in combination with an AC magnetic field generator, it is possible to estimate not only the relative position but also the attitude of the sensor at the same time. 

The ability to detect obstacles between the magnetic field generator and the sensor makes it ideal for motion tracking applications in VR/AR products.

In this demo video, we show you that tracking system works, detection system works, proposed application and the demo kit.

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors


What kind of demo?

  • You can control the helicopter on the screen freely.
  • We use a magnetic field generator and a 3D magnetic sensor.
  • Tilt, depth and up/down motion can be detected.
  • Intuitive interface.


How do you detect it?

  • The magnetic field generator generates a three-dimensional magnetic field in the surroundings.
  • The 3D magnetic sensor detects the generated magnetic field
  • The strength and direction of the magnetic field imprinted on the sensor varies depending on the inclination and position of the sensor.
  • The MCU in the kit calculates the inclination and position of the sensor from the printed magnetic field.
  • The helicopter is drawn based on the position data.
  • The AK09940 is capable of detecting 3D magnetic fields of the order of "nT".


For what purpose?

  • The controller of the modeling tool using 3DCAD and the
  • Motion tracking applications such as AR/VR games
  • Can be used for drawing on pen tablets


Detail of Demo kit

  • Control board, magnetic field generation board, sensor and PC are provided.
  • When the sensor is tilted on the board, the helicopter on the PC is also synchronized and tilted.
  • It is possible to detect not only the tilt but also the position in 3D space.
  • It is possible to detect with the Hall sensor, but 
  • The AK09940, which uses a TMR element, has less noise than Hall sensor.
  • Detects position and posture with greater accuracy using AK09940.


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