Car Audio

Comfortable Cabin

When automated driving is fully realized, people will want to spend their traveling time more comfortable or efficient since their driving duty is reduced. Time for enjoying music in a noise-less car might increase.

AKM's audio devices have been adopted by many high-end audio equipment and have a reputation for high quality sound. These products that support high resolution sound playback are also being deployed in car audio equipment.
It will be natural to enjoy high-quality and high resolution music not only in the home but also in the car. AKM spread analog audio technologies cultivated with the "Premium Audio" to the automotive field.

Audio LSI with VELVET SOUND Technology

Realize "Spatially Expressing Sound" by Audio LSIs

AKM's VELVET SOUND is utilized

* VELVET SOUND Logo™ is trademarks of Asahi Kasei Electronics Corporation in Japan, Europe and the United States.


Achieve world class THD+N for DAC/ADC

Multi-channel and SN grades Lineup for ADC/DAC

Hi-PSRR/CMRR of ADC and Hi-PSRR LDO for an external DAC
Lineup : Audio DAC
Lineup : Audio ADC