Low Power Consumption transmitter circuit

Technical Description

At high output, it is necessary to increase the current in order to lower the adjacent channel leakage radio (ACLR).

Using the Cartesian feedback linearization technique, ACLR in the transmission band can be reduced as shown in Fig.1 without increasing current consumption.

Fig.1 Examples of Improvements in ACLR (Adjacent-Channel Leakage Power) Using the Cartesian Loop

About AK2403

AK2403 has built-in circuitry required for this cartesian feedback, making it easier to configure the transmitter circuitry.
AK2403 includes transmitter circuit, VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) and PLL synthesizer. The signal which is feedback using external coupler from Power Amp output is input for AK2403.

Low Power Consumption transmitter circuit using Cartesian feedback loop method

Architecture example

Transmitter and receiver circuit can be easily configured with a small number of components, as shown in Fig.2 using AK2403and AK2401A.

Fig.2 Configuration Examples Using AK2403 and AK2401A

Evaluation board

AK2403 evaluation boards are available for easy evaluation.

Contact us if you wish to have a sample or evaluation board.