Σ-Δ Digital Coreless current sensor IC CQ36 Series 

provides a solution for system miniaturization to customers who have problems with the size and heat generation of their industrial equipment, through the reduction of components and control of heat generation.

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM)'s CQ36 Series is a high-precision and compact digital output current sensor IC. AKM's CQ36 Series is a digital output type current sensor IC with a built-in ΣΔ modulator. It utilizes III-V compound semiconductor Hall elements. The CQ36 Series has achieved the accuracy comparable to the current detection solutions using shunt resistors and isolated ADCs while reducing the number of parts, offering compact packaging, and reducing the heat generation. The CQ36 Series contributes to the miniaturization and space-saving of industrial equipment systems.

Enable System Miniaturization with Our IC solutions

Enable System Miniaturization

with Our IC solutions

By integrating the current sensor with a ΣΔ modulator into a single chip, it minimizes the number of peripheral components, contributing to the reduction of system size. The Series is also extremely thin compared to cement resistors, allowing for reflow soldering, thereby improving layout flexibility.

Efficient Heat Reduction for Reliable Operation

Efficient Heat Reduction

for Reliable Operation  

Our unique packaging development has achieved a low resistance of 0.27 mΩ in the primary conductor, significantly suppressing heat generation for current application compared to shunt resistors and similar products from other manufacturers, enabling continuous conduction at 60 Arms.

Enhancing System Efficiency and Precision Control

Enhancing System Efficiency

and Precision Control

Using III-V compound semiconductors, it offers ultra-low noise characteristics with an ENOB of 12 to 14 bits, comparable to shunt resistor-based current sensors, despite being a coreless current sensor.

Main characteristics

  CQ36 Series
Current sensor type   Coreless Current Sensor IC :
Package size [mm] 12.7 x 10.9 x 2.25
Package Type
(Mounting style)
surface mount package (SMD)
Power Supply Voltage [V] AVDD : 4.5 to 5.5
DVDD : 3.0 to 3.6
Operating Temperature [℃] -40 to 125
Maximum Primary
[Arms] 60
Creepage / Clearance
Distance (min.)
[mm] 8.0
Primary conductor
resistance (Typ.)
[mΩ] 0.27
Isolation Voltage [kVrms] 5.0
(AC50Hz, 60s)
Safety Standards   IEC/UL62368-1 certification pending
UL1577 certification pending
block diagram cq36 series



・AC Servo motors

CQ36series is suitable for other applications which are required isolation with small size and suppressing the heating. (For example, Shunt + Isolated ADC replacement)

Customers Can Select the Ideal IC for Their System Configurations

CQ360x, CQ362x Series

CQ360x, CQ362x series external circuit

ΣΔ modulator operates with a clock from the MCU (Micro Controller Unit).



CQ361x, CQ363x Series

CQ361x, CQ363x series external circuit

ΣΔ modulator supplies the operating clock to the MCU.





CQ36 Series Datasheet (Preliminary)

English [Rev. 0.0  2024/03] (17 Pages)

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