Asahi Kasei Electronics (AKM) continues to explore new trends and develop products using unique technologies.


With the technological development, wearable devices such as TWS, smart watches, VR headsets, and AR glasses are becoming increasingly popular. While the miniaturization of devices advances, required functions and sensing technologies are becoming more sophisticated, making it difficult to realize a system that integrates each function. In the sound and magnetic sensing fields, AKM offers solutions that take advantage of the compact and low-consumption features it has developed in smartphones and other consumer products.

Audio Components

Personal True Wireless Stereo

Audio Components

Smartphones, wearable devices, VR devices, and other personal electronic products are the items most familiar to us and require the highest sound quality. However, designing an optimal voice system entails difficulties such as low power consumption and space-saving designs.
AKM strives to enrich people's living conditions by offering wearable devices that allow people to enjoy the best sound effect by providing audio ICs with the industry's highest standards of specifications as well as the low power consumption and most compact package that AKM has cultivated in the mobile field.

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors

Personal VR AR Systems

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors

An extremely important point for the product to be unique and competitive is what kind of sensing function is applied by a personal electronic product designed by a customer.

Examination and implementation of the function within the system including its mechanism require the know-how and experience of using the sensor devices. Therefore, a thorough understanding of how users use them is necessary.

Considering the "purpose of measuring with a sensor" as the first priority, AKM continues to develop technologies ahead of those required by user applications and offers three-axis magnetic sensors that apply the magnetic sensing expertise AKM has accumulated over many years, as well as software technologies.

With the expansion of the actual results of foldable smartphones such as open/close angle detection and status detection for wearable devices, you can realize the next "killer" application by applying AKM's 3-axis magnetic sensor.

Electronic Compass

Personal Smartphone Navigation

Electronic Compass

Since 2003, AKM has been supplying a large number of electronic compasses, primarily for smartphones. We have a wealth of expertise and have the ability and track record to deliver stable supply.

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