Safe & Comfortable Cabin

Automobiles are a means of travel, and at the same time are spaces where you spend a lot of time.
While the ways of spending time in cars becomes more diverse as the use of autonomous driving becomes widespread in the future, AKM is pursuing even greater comfort by providing audio technology that allows you to enjoy music as if you were in a concert hall, as well as voice technology that realizes clear, noise-free conversations.
We are also contributing to the development of the automotive industry by developing products for realizing the further safety requirements of automobiles, such as millimeter-wave driver monitoring and voice call systems in emergencies situations.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Automotive In-car entertainment

Audio Components

Enjoying music in cars will become one of the familiar entertainments, and with the spread of EVs in the future, the quietness of the car interior will be further enhanced.
Therefore, opportunities for enjoying music with more diverse needs of consumers will be expanded even further. Therefore, even higher sound quality is required for the audio system design in the vehicle interior, and on this basis, the existence of audio ICs that maximize the capabilities of those systems is essential.
AKM has developed and supplied audio ICs for more than 30 years under the concept of "expressing everything thoroughly," and has been utilized in many car-mounted infotainment devices.
With the industry's highest standards of specifications, AKM's audio ICs can assist maximization of the capabilities of the system you have conceived as the ease of use by engineers is the top priory given to these ICs.

Automotive Car audio system

Audio & Voice DSPs

The widespread use of EVs and autonomous driving have resulted in an increasing degree of private space in the cabin, and what is required for this is further comfort.
To improve comfort, we need a solution that, for example, cancels environmental noise that we haven't noticed before, and a solution that provides an audio experience with a more realistic feel.
In addition to hands-free calls and in-vehicle communication technologies accumulated over more than 15 years, AKM provides solutions for active road noise cancellation, audio effects tailored to the cabin environment, engine sound synthesis, and DSP for enjoying karaoke.
This makes it possible to achieve comfort in the cabin while optimizing the overall voice system.


Automotive Telematics control unit

Audio & Voice DSPs

Preparing a system for communicating with the outside contacts is an essential requirement for pursuing further safety of automobiles to handle emergency cases such as an automobile accident.
Automotive emergency call systems require highly reliable solutions that comply with telematics standards.
Using its 15-year experience in hands-free calls, AKM provides voice DSPs suitable for eCall and other emergency communications systems.
This will contribute to the realization of a system for quick response in the event of an accident.

Driver Monitoring

Automotive Driver monitoring system

Millimeter Wave Radar ICs

It is important to monitor the conditions of drivers and passengers on board in order to achieve further safety in the cabin. Prevention of dozing at the wheel and children from being left in the cabin are examples of this form of protection.
AKM's millimeter-wave radar ICs with high spatial resolution and precision can sense respiration rates without the use of a camera for privacy protection.
This will contribute to vehicle safety in the future.