Rotation Angle Sensors

The AKM rotation angle sensor enables the measurement of magnetic fields in parallel to the chip surface and can detect the absolute angle of a magnetic field.


AKM has the rotation angle sensor by applying magnet sensing and signal processing technologies developed in Hall Effect ICs and Electronic compass.
It can be used for industrial equipmentsuch as BLDC motors, stepper motors, robots, and actuators. Our products contribute to the following user benefits.


AKM provides benefit to end-users with new experience and value

  • Usable in bad environments
  • High-accuracy even in case of misalignment
  • Improvement of accuracy by angle error calibration function
  • Available for hollow shaft motor (Off-Axis configuration)
  • No need for zero return operation by absolute angle detection
Rotation Angle Sensors
Rotation Angle Sensors

AKM has created rotation angle sensors based on its Hall sensor technology accumulated over 30 years, and has continued to improve their performance to this day. Here, we will explain why AKM's rotation angle sensors are chosen.

Basic Knowledge of Encoder

Basic Knowledge of Encoder

This is a series of easy-to-understand technical explanations on the types, principles, mechanisms, and features of various encoders.

Basic Knowledge of Encoder

AKM proposes solutions using its rotation angle sensors that can solve various issues related to rotational detection.

  • Magnetic encoder with excellent environmental tolerance
  • High accuracy magnetic encoder
  • Simple Calibration for angle accuracy of 0.1°
  • Off-Axis configuration enhances the design flexibility
  • Simplifying inventory control and downsizing of the system
  • Absolute angle detection
  • Improving assembly yield and reducing manufacturing costs

Basic Knowledge of Encoder

Application Proposal

This is a story that clearly explains the features of angle sensors through a conversation between a salesperson and his boss.

How to use rotation angle sensors

  • For robot application
  • For industrial sewing machine application

High accuracy rotation angle sensor that supports Shaft-End and Off-Axis configuration


The AK7455 is a magnetic 14-bit absolute rotation angle sensor consisting of a Hall element formed on a silicon chip and a signal processing circuit.

By extending and optimizing the bandwidth setting of the angle calculation circuit, we have achieved improved responsiveness during motor acceleration and deceleration that can withstand the control of stepping motors.

This sensor can be used with a very simple configuration of a small magnet and an IC, making it easy to realize a non-contact magnetic encoder for consumer and industrial applications.

Please refer to this page for detailed specifications of the AK7455.

Magnet Selection Guideline for Shaft-End configuration

Application Note of Rotation Angle Sensors

AKM provides the guideline for deciding on the optimal magnet and layout for customers in need, "What kind of magnet should I choose for the magnetic angle sensor?"

You can also contact us through Design Support.

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