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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[A1] Please refer to the "Packing Information" page. AKM has designed its packaging in such a way that the initial quality can be maintained regardless of the transport conditions and the surrounding environment.

[A2] The packaging category, L, E1, or E2 is appended at the end of the product name at the order placement to indicate the taping direction. Please refer to the "Packing Information" page.

Example: "AK□□□□-L" "AK□□□□-E1" "AK□□□□-E2".

[A3] These are the part number that are used in-house and the products are the same as those without those numbers. Please refer to the "Packing Information" page.

Example: "AK□□□□-8" and "AK□□□□" are the same product.

[A4] AKM classifies the life cycle of our products into six levels of product status. Please refer to the Product Lifecycle Information page.

[A5] Please refer to the Product Lifecycle Information page.