Sound design solutions

Audio & Voice DSPs

Acoustic Design Solution

Sound appealing to the senses, which is achieved by the IC for high-quality audio, a variety of software algorithms, and tuning by skilled engineers

Enjoy the world of sound as if you were there.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation for Cars

Road Noise Cancellation technology is reducing the noise that is generated from road induced vibrations. This is performed by composied a secondary sound field using acceleration signals as inputs and processing these signals in real-time with low-latency computational efforts. 

Engine order cancellation

Engine order cancellation reduces engine noise by means of the algorithms installed in DSP, which reduces the burden on the materials and systems used in the vehicle body and improves the fuel efficiency. This algorithm utilizes the engine RPM information obtained from the car body to generate sounds with opposite phases to the engine sound and cancel out unpleasant sounds. In addition, you can adjust small phase shifts and corrections using the monitor microphone.

Engine Sound Creator

Engine Sound Creator

Engine Sound creator by DSP for Audio and Voice "This sound is unlimitedly realistic"

Realize Driving with Engine Sound of High Class Car