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Semiconductor Magnetoresistive Elements

Features for semiconductor magnetoresistive elements made by AKM

The magnetoresistive elements with excellent temperature characteristics and small individual difference in the electrical characteristics have been implemented.

Very small temperature drift of neutral voltage

With our unique semiconductor film manufacturing technology, the temperature drift of neutral voltage has been minimized.

Figure 1

Better temperature characteristics of resistance value comparing with traditional products

With AKM's unique Sn dope technology (Sn: n-type carrier) to InSb, the temperature coefficient of the element resistance value has been drastically reduced.

Temperature coefficient of traditional element resistance value: -20%/ °C (around room temperature)

->Temperature coefficient of product resistance value: -0.2%/ °C (around room temperature)

Figure 2

Small individual difference in electrical characteristics

Since a highly accurate approach is employed to form a single crystal film and the element process using the photolithography method is applied, the elements with very similar and excellent electrical characteristics can be manufactured.