Data Protection: Information Security Policy

As ensuring information security is an important management responsibility, the Asahi Kasei Group declares that it faithfully applies its established information security policy.

1. Legal Compliance

We comply with laws and internal regulations concerning information security.

2. System Establishment

We have an established system to safeguard information security throughout the organization.

3. Implementation of Countermeasures

We implement appropriate information security countermeasures corresponding to our information assets to prevent information security incidents. In the event that an incident occurs, we respond swiftly and appropriately, strive to minimize any damage, and endeavor to prevent any recurrence.

4. Education of Employees

We provide information security training to all employees to ensure full awareness of the importance of information security and the proper use of information assets.

5. Continuous Improvement

We continuously assess our efforts for information security, and apply improvements as necessary.

Established December 1, 2016

Information Security Policy of Asahi Kasei Corporation

Information Security Policy of Asahi Kasei Corporation shall apply to the items not contained in this page.

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