Bluetooth® Low Energy Transmission IC

AKM provides low power consumption and high-performance communication RF ICs by utilizing its high design capability with unique process technologies.

AKM's Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) transmitter IC has built-in proprietary algorithm software so that can achieve fast startup and low current consumption without micro controller code.

The BLE transmitter ICs include AK1595A for general-purpose data transmission applications such as sensor nodes.

BLE transmit-only IC for variable data transmission applications


The AK1595A has been develped as a BLE transmitter IC for variable data transmission applications.
The BLE function can be realized by simply setting the data to be transmitted to the built-in register, making it ideal for applications that add the BLE function to existing microcomputers.

General data transmission applications such as thermometers, weight scales, blood pressure monitors, toys, IoT data nodes

  • Support BLE Transmitter Functionality
  • Low Interval Power Consumption of 15nA by High-speed Operation
  • Reduction of PCB Design Man-hours and BOM Cost

Wireless Communication ICs

Over 20 years, AKM has been developing analog signal processing ICs for the two-way radio market, and has also gained knowledge and core technology from cellular phone transceiver development experience.  This history has achieved highly integrated components and circuits with high performance and low power consumption.

- Active Mixer: High gain and low noise.
- PLL Synthseizer: Low power comsumption and good phase noise performance.
- IF Rx with Narrowband Filter: Eliminates external IF ceramic filter.

AKM total solution allows users to lower power consumption and helps optimizing system performance.

Direct Conversion Transceiver

FM IF Detector with Narrow Band Filter

RF Transceiver for ETC

These devices are suitable for ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) systems, which are widely used in automotive applications.

AKM has the line-up of the devices that feature high performance with low power consumption.

Transceiver IC integrated power amplifier and intermediate frequency filter for Japanese ETC 2.0

Transceiver IC integrated power amplifier and intermediate frequency filter for Japanese ETC

5.9GHz RF Transceiver with Power Amplifier for Chinese ETC