Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors

There is an increasing demand for sensing functions to monitor an object’s position.  AKM has developed a tri-axis magnetic sensor that is able to detect magnetic signals in X, Y, and, Z allowing for a magnetic vector to be analyzed in real time. Low power, 16bit accuracy and wide measurement range makes this technology ideal for AR/VR gaming, security camera positioning, True Wireless Stereo (TWS), smart home, smart locks, and door/window open/close detection.
This technology can also be utilized for angle detection of rolling or folding screens, postion detection of popup cameras in smart phones, tablets, and TV's.


What makes AKM different?

Solid Track Record

AKM tri-axis magnetic sensor brand "S-cube"

S-cube is a representation of AKM's tri-axis sensor philosophy, technology and sales records.

Extensive Supportability

Advantages of S-cube sensor core technology

We introduce unique S-cube core technologies and extensive support system.

Issue & Solution

We propose solutions based on AKM's tri-axis magnetic sensors that can solve a variety of sensing issues of factory automation equipment.


Use cases of S-cube solutions

Introduction of application cases utilizing S-cube sensors

  • Switch Cube
  • Magnetic metal detection
  • Door Opening / Closing Detection
  • Location Detection with LED
  • Magnetic Motion Tracking System
  • Rotation and Push Interface
  • Hand Motion Controller
  • Folding Angle Detection


  • Tri-axis Magnetic Smart Switch
  • Tri-axis Magnetic Sensor


AK09973D is ideal for non-contact detection of relative distances, postures and angles with magnets using in combination with a magnet. Utilizing the magnetic threshold interrupt function and ultra-low power consumption, it is also suitable for battery-powered security monitoring devices.

Design Support

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