Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting IC that converts a small amount of the energy around us into electrical power and utilizing it


Step-up DC-DC converters of Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) boost the input voltage at the milli volt level, harvesting a small amount of environmental energy that exists around us, such as water and body heat, and converting it into a power supply voltage for systems such as IoT terminals.

AKM's unique circuit technology for energy harvesting contributes to the realization of sustainable systems that do not use primary batteries.


Generates power from the little environmental energy around us

AKM's step-up DC-DC converters generate power from a small amount of environmental energy that exists around us. For example, electricity can be generated by extracting heat energy from body heat or from chemical energy by dripping a few drops of water on to a wire.

Here is an example of power generation achieved by combining AKM's step-up DC-DC converter and environmental energy.


LED flash (not always lighting)


AKM's step-up DC-DC converters are available in several lineups to allow power generation with various types of generating elements. In the "Find a Product" section, you can select a product by the performance of its power generating elements.

Design Support

A simulator that can calculate the power available from any generating element and AKM's step-up DC-DC converter. It can be used to estimate the environmental energy harvesting time when considering a system.

Design Support

What makes AKM different ?

Until now, small amounts of environmental energy around us have been discarded without being harvested and AKM's unique circuit technology has enabled the harvesting of a small amount of this environmental energy by incorporating a "voltage booster circuit that starts up at only 15[mV]" and a "charge/discharge control circuit that operates at only 86[nW] of the harvested energy" into a single chip.  Reasons to choose AKM's step-up DC-DC converters are explained in the "Reasons to choose AKM" section.

What makes AKM different?

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