Millimeter-wave Radar

Transceiver IC for Millimeter-wave Radar with High Spatial Recognition Ability

For Indoor Monitoring,
Improvement of object recognition based on high-resolution distance and high-accuracy direction sensing

Indoor Monitoring Indoor Monitoring


Wideband VCO

Both 76-77GHz and 77-81GHz frequency band supported. Maximum range of frequency sweep up to 4GHz.

Various frequency modulation supported by All Digital PLL

Highly linear fast chirp modulation with a few microsecond periods is available based on AKM’s original AD-PLL technology. 4GHz sweep is achievable and provides high distance resolution.

Wideband & high-accuracy A/D converter

High-resolution distance measuring of fast-moving objects can be realized by 53.3Msps high-speed sampling and 20MHz wideband IF signal. The resolution of A/D converter is 12-bit and its output complies with MIPI® CSI-2 standard.

High phase accuracy

Beamforming with high-resolution and high-accuracy direction control can be performed due to extremely small phase error between TX channels.

High system scalability

Expansion of TX and RX up to 16 channels is possible by using multiple ICs. Synchronized TX output and A/D sampling between different ICs are available.


Millimeter-wave Radar Block Millimeter-wave Radar Block
Motion sensing in 3D space Motion sensing in 3D space
Multiple simultaneous measurements Multiple simultaneous measurements