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AKM to launch low-latency solution with Active Road Noise Cancellation (ARNC) technology for automotive with Silentium



ARNC technology reduces the noise of road vibrations in milliseconds real time reaction. Under the agreement, AKM has been granted the license to incorporate Silentium’s QB™ ARNC technology into one of AKM’s audio voice processors for distribution worldwide. A sample shipment is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.

“The road to electrification has revealed some unexpected challenges for automotive OEMs ranging from safety and increased costs to comfort for the end user,” comments Naoyuki Kurita, Chief Marketing Officer at AKM. “One of the biggest complaints I hear from our EV customers is about how loud the road sounds compared to their ICE car. They began to notice things that they never had before – uncomfortable things. This will become an even greater issue when we start seeing more autonomous vehicles on the road. Now that the automobile is being recognized as   our third living space, we’re seeing greater demand from customers to provide a cabin atmosphere that is just as comfortable as our living room – or even a library. AKM’s collaboration with Silentium for ARNC  can facilitate a more comfortable solution that satisfies the needs of both end users and OEMs. AKM’s technology can make your drive as quiet as a library or as dynamic as a concert hall.”

AKM has over 20 years’ expertise in hands-free calls and in-vehicle communication solutions for automotive applications. AKM  products have been adopted by a wide range of customers, mainly for car infotainment, with a track record of more than 20 million DSPs  shipped annually. This track record demonstrates customer confidence in the reliability and high quality of our  products and support. We   will continue to contribute to the comfort and safety of automobiles through active sound design technologies in the future.

The DSP eval kit for ARNC solution The DSP eval kit for ARNC solution

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About Silentium Ltd.

Silentium is an Israeli company that specializes in and develops Automotive Active Acoustics noise cancellation & noise design technology with the mission of promoting safety, wellbeing, and sustainability on the road. The company’s technology significantly reduces in-vehicle noise from the wheels, engine, AC, and wind, enabling lighter vehicles and, as a result, reduced CO2 emissions. In addition to vehicle interiors, Silentium’s technology is used in housing and industrial products due to its unique active noise control capabilities.

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