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What makes AKM different ?

You may be surprised to find AKM's Hall sensors in such products as these! Hall sensors are used in familiar products such as air conditioners, washing machines, and smartphones. Here we will explain why AKM's Hall sensors are widely chosen by many people.

Hall Sensors Hall Sensors


Basic Knowledge of Magnetic Sensor

We explain the basic knowledge related to Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) magnetic sensors.

#01 What's a Magnetic Sensor?

#02 About Hall Sensors

#03 Types and Principles of Hall Elements

#04 Ultra High-Sensitivity Hall Element

#05 Low Drift Hall Element

#06 High-Sensitivity Hall Element

#07 Principles and types of Hall ICs

#08 Switch type Hall IC

#09 Latch type Hall  IC

#10 Linear Hall IC



Issue & Solution

AKM’s Hall elements and Hall effect ICs can make a high-efficiency DC brushless motor. There are various types of motors in the world. DC brushless motor (DCBL) using Hall elements and Hall effect ICs realizes high-efficiency driving by reducing energy loss due to current switching during rotor rotation.

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