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AKM to start selling DC-DC converter for thermoelectric power generation capable of boosting voltage from 15 mV



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has launched the AP4473, a step-up DC-DC converter that operates on the previously unusable minute amounts of power derived from environmental power generation.

Since this product is capable of boosting voltage from 15 mV, environmental power generation is possible even with elements such as thermoelectric generators that can only output minute voltages.

the AP4473, a step-up DC-DC converter


Capable of boosting voltage from low voltage

Voltage can be boosted from levels as low as 15 mV. Since the voltage can be boosted even with minute thermal energy, it is possible to develop thermoelectric power generation solutions using such sources as body heat.

Comparator with ultra-low current consumption

This ultra-low consumption current comparator with a self consumption current of 26 nA, which is more than one order of magnitude lower* than those of other companies, and which uses AKM's proprietary patented technology, enables overcharge prevention and power supply control without wasting power boosted from a voltage as low as 15 mV.

* According to research performed by AKM in January 2023.

Capable of controlling power storage and supply with this IC alone

Integration of a PMOS switch for disconnection from the system and two comparators that provide wide hysteresis potential for starting and stopping the supply of power makes it possible to configure the power supply unit by simply adding a minimum number of passive elements. 


  • Beacons (asset tracking, asset monitoring, environmental monitoring, IoT sensor nodes)
  • Smart cards
  • Agricultural IoT
  • Factory IoT