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AK09940 Inside​
TDK SmartBug™ uses high precision tri-axis magnetic sensor​


Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) is proud to announce that TDK InvenSense uses our high precision tri-axis magnetic sensor AK09940 in its “SmartBug™”.​

​TDK SmartBug™ (MD-42688-P) is a multi-sensor wireless module that leverages TDK’s MEMS sensors and algorithms for a wide range of IoT applications. This module combines six sensors, a powerful wireless (BLE) MCU, seven algorithm driven features and a rechargeable battery, in a small enclosure. It also comes with the option of an Add-On board that includes a WiFi module, an SD card slot and an ultrasonic sensor from TDK.​

Learn more about TDK’s SmartBug™:

​The AK09940 allows for measurement of minute magnetic signals with ultra-low noise (40nT RMS) in the X, Y, and Z axes and ultra-low power consumption (30μA @ 100Hz) which is ideal for IoT devices using small-capacity batteries.​

Learn more about AK09940, High Precision Tri-axis Magnetic Sensor:

TDK SmartBug™ (MD-42688-P)