Safe & Comfortable Space


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Safe & Comfortable Space

This is an experience AKM delivers to everyone with AKM's products and solutions.

In the era of every device is connected at home due to spreading availability of IoT. Life style is also changing dramatically.

We will continue to provide unique products and solutions that were not in the world until yesterday to offer a safe and comfortable space at home for everyone.

Safe Space

~ Bring Good Health and Safety to Home ~

Housing must be a place where people can live healthily.

There are technologies that suppress harmful germs and odors in living space and maintain a clean environment by appropriately ventilating the air.

Security is indispensable for living safety. Smart lock technology ensures safety by watching over the state of windows and doors to prevent them to be left open or unlocked.

Other technologies can detect signs of suspicious individuals and shoot images around your house. In case of fire, it will alert you promptly.

Asahi Kasei Microdevices, (AKM), will contribute to making safety living spaces.

Comfortable Space

~ Comfortable and Convenient Housing with Everyone's Joy ~ 

Housing is a space where people gather, rest and relax.

Having a comfortable living space where variety of household appliances are connected, air and temperature, brightness can be controlled anytime.

There are technologies that making indoor facilities response to your speech or realizing a clear conversation between two distanced spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom or the entrance and living room.

It will bring a joy, if your room is filled with a sound with realistic effects like being in a concert hall when playing music.

Asahi Kasei Microdevices, (AKM), will continue to contribute to making comfortable and convenient spaces.