IoT Sensor Nodes

Bluetooth® Low Energy transmission IC

The AK1595A and AK1595B Bluetooth® transmission IC of Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) can transmit sensor data with low power consumption, making it suitable for environmental monitoring such as temperature, humidity, air quality, etc. in IoT sensor nodes, which are required to be compact and lightweight.

Furthermore, by combining with AKM's energy harvesting IC, which features ultra-low power consumption, the IoT sensor node can be used to construct an environmental monitoring system that can operate without batteries by utilizing minute amounts of power from indoor photovoltaics and thermal power generation.

* Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Module board for service study combining sensors

AKM offers a module board with the AK1595A / AK1595B and its peripheral circuits such as matching circuits, crystal oscillator, and antenna. By mounting the module on a main board equipped with a familiar microcontroller or any sensors, you can start PoC using Bluetooth® without having to adjust the wireless section.

AKM sells this module board as a sample for evaluation. For customers who wish to receive this product in mass-supply, please contact us for introduction of third-party products.

Module board for PoC Module board for PoC
Example of using the module board Example of using the module board

PoC module board specification + CAD data

This is a reference document including outline, pin functions, circuit diagram, and certification test result information of the module board for PoC.

EVB Manual

Bluetooth® transmission IC AK1595A PoC Module Board Specification
English [BLEAN-E-04]
(16 pages PDF : 829KB)

Application Note

AK1595A PoC Module Board CAD Data
English [BLEAN-E-05]
(ZIP : 634KB)


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In the system using Bluetooth® beacons as an IoT terminals to realize environmental monitoring systems, it is important to realize battery-less operation to eliminate the need for replacing batteries.

AKM offers an evaluation kit combining ultra-low power energy harvesting IC and Bluetooth® beacon, which can be used by simply connecting a power generation cell.