Various solutions for Energy Harvesting

Energy Harvesting

Please check, with the videos, how they actually work with various energy sources.

There are many different types of energy sources around us, including thermal, chemical, optical, vibration, and radio frequency.  Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) offers solutions for utilizing all of these energy sources with its multiple products.

Thermal power generation (power generation by fingertip body heat)

Power Generation at the Touch of a Finger

Using an AP4473 step-up DC-DC converter for thermal energy and a Peltier element, the AP4473 harvests thermal energy at the fingertip (body temperature).

Chemical power generation (power generation from a few drops of water)

Power Generation with a Few Drops of Water

Using the AP4470 step-up DC-DC converter, water droplets and a wire, the energy produced by the chemical reaction between water and metal is harvested.

Photovoltaic generation (power generation by indoor light)

Light energy can be collected even without solar cells

Light energy from LED lighting is collected using a step-up DC-DC converter AP4470 and a photodiode.

Can drive systems with high power consumption even by using indoor light

Even if the power harvested is small, a system with a large power consumption can be driven by increasing the time of collection.

AP447x Power Simulator - Environmental Power Generation Elements

The performance of the generator used and the power obtained by the step-up DC/DC converter can be calculated in Web Sim (designed support).

AP447x Power Simulator