Simplifying inventory control and downsizing of the system

Rotary Position Sensing


Generally, optical type encoders are required to prepare a slit for each encoder resolution and make a lineup. Also, high-resolution encoders are larger in size due to the increased number of slits. 
Are there any encoders with easy inventory management and small-size?

Then what is our solution…

In an optical encoder, the resolution is determined by the number of slits on the disc. If the resolution that required for each application is different, a different encoder need to be provided for each product. In contrast, the AK745x rotary angle sensor for magnetic encoders is capable of setting various resolutions with one product.

  • Simplify parts procurement and inventory control
  • Contribute to the standardization of parts in the product lineup
Optical encoder
AK745x series

In addition, the use of the AK745x expands the range of choices when choosing a magnet size or type. And it also contributes to the miniaturization for the whole system.

AKM's magnetic rotary angle sensor allows you to use magnets of various materials. If the required magnetic flux density is satisfied, the specifications are guaranteed regardless of the magnet material and size. You can select magnets flexibly depending on the cost and size of the motor system. 
For details, refer to the Magnet Selection Guideline.

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