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Electronic Compass

Evaluation board

AKM Sensor Control Program support two types of evaluation boards that can be used for developing software of Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) electronic compass are available.

Sensor daughter board

AKM electronic compass and 3-axis acceleration sensor mounted board can be provided.

16 × 20 mm

Sensor daughter board Sensor daughter board

AKM sensor evaluation board for Arduino

Board that connects above Sensor daughter board to the MCU board with Arduino Uno equivalent connector.

AKM sensor evaluation board for Arduino AKM sensor evaluation board for Arduino

* These evaluation boards will be charged. For details, please contact our sales representative or agency.

* Please prepare the MCU board by customer.


When you are using compass application on a mobile terminal (such as a smartphone), have you ever seen the message such as "Interference from a magnetic field. Re-calibrate by waving the phone in a figure 8 motion"? This message is displayed when the phone moves into a magnetic field, and the electronic compass suffers interference from the field. When this occurs, the electronic compass can't detect the azimuth direction at a high accuracy without a re-calibration.

We don't neet to manually re-calibrate, because the AKM electronic compass has an auto-calibration routine by software. However, the method of "waving the cell phone in a figure 8 motion" is quick and effective method to re-calibration. But, you don't know how to move the phone in "a figure 8 motion", don't you ? So, we have created a web-site that explains in detail how to calibrate the electronic compass.

You can easily learn about how to calibrate while watching the video in this web-site.

Come web-site to see it.