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List of exhibited products

List of exhibited products

Ultra-Low Power CO2 Sensor

Sunrise and Sunlight are maintenance-free, long-life NDIR gas sensors capable of measuring CO2 concentrations with high accuracy.

It has an average power consumption of 34uA and features a mode that reduces power consumption to less than 5uA, making it ideal for battery operation.

Refrigerant Sensor

Sunlight HC is a flammable refrigerant gas sensor suitable for refrigerant leak detection systems.
It is configured to selectively detect flammable refrigerants, enabling stable operation.

This sensor is ideal for configuring leak detection systems that meet the requirements of the UL60335-2-40 Standard.

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Air Quality Detection Solution for Safe and Comfortable Space Monitoring

The importance of indoor ventilation is becoming widely recognized, such as infection countermeasures, and measures for maintaining health and working efficiency in highly sealed indoor environments such as high-rise offices. While the use of CO2 concentration as an indicator is one of the most effective measures for checking ventilation, battery-powered compact CO2 sensors are required for popularization as portable and easy-to-install sensors. AKM proposes CO2 sensors for realization of these features.