CES® 2023


The Future Vision of Mobility and Homes

Session: January 5 (Thursday) to January 8 (Sunday), 2023

Our booth position: LVCC North, Smart Cities, #9105

Events / Exhibitions

Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) showcased Sensing technology for VR/AR, sound management for mobility, vital sensing, gas sensing for HVAC and current sensors at CES® 2023.

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List of exhibited solutions

Optical Image Stabilization for VR/AR Equipment

AKM has developed an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) solution specifically designed for AR/VR applications. It will minimize the blur of the image and automatically adjust lens positions using our OIS driver IC sensors. 

AR glasses are especially susceptible to head movement and vibrations during walking. Since the magnitude and frequency of these vibrations are different from handheld devices, the amount of stabilization is not always sufficient.  VR glasses have a similar problem during the pass-through mode, vigorous movements, and intense game play offers a unique challenge for OIS.

AKM has applied its proprietary OIS technique, which has a long track record in smartphone cameras, to develop a concept demonstration for correcting head blur.

Non-contact Temperature Sensors for Wearable Applications

AKM is developing technology to advance the user experience and simplify the AR/VR interaction, including workouts in virtual spaces and intense movement-based games. This technology includes our noncontact temperature sensor enabling fast and accurate measurements.

AKM exhibited a wristband-type, non-contact temperature sensor with small package and ultra-low current consumption that is ideal for wearables.  It featured high accuracy and high-speed response that allows you to measure skin temperature immediately, allowing you to see variations while exercising.

Ring-type Controller

AKM has developed a ring-type concept demo that allows for the control of AR/VR devices with a slight thumb movement for the input interface.

We introduced a technique using an ultra-compact magnetic sensor for seamless VR/AR interaction without the need to carry large controllers.  This simplified approach removes the requirement for arm gestures.

Vehicle Interior Technology

Technology requirements are rapidly growing with the quick adoption of electrified vehicles and the transition to autonomous driving.  AKM has developed solutions to meet these needs for cabin comfort and safety.

Active sound management provides noise cancelation and CO2 sensing ensures air quality for a comfortable cabin experience. Alcohol sensing will be used to create safe driving while millimeter-wave will allow non-contact vital sensing and no child left behind.

HVAC Solutions

AKM introduced advanced solutions for HVAC:

  • Millimeter-wave vital sensing that enable multi-person status detection with high spatial resolution
  • CO2 sensor that enables monitoring of air quality with ultra-low power
  • Flammable gas sensor for new refrigerant regulations
  • Current sensors that achieve high-efficiency system drive