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AKM develops advanced VELVET SOUND 32-bit, 2-ch premium audio D/A converters AK4493S and AK4490R



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has redesigned the AK4490 D/A converter (DAC) and its higher-end counterpart, AK4493, as new products under the VELVET SOUND brand. 
These new devices, AK4490R and AK4493S, use advanced VELVET SOUND technology to improve electrical margin and stability. They achieve an unprecedented level of audio integrity and dynamics while maintaining the reduced power consumption of the original AK4490 and AK4493.

The AK4490R and AK4493S accept up to 768 kHz PCM data and 22.4 MHz DSD data (AK4493S). They accurately reproduce the information-rich, unaltered audio data of high-resolution sound sources.

Samples start shipping in February 2022. AKM expects both devices to be available in volume production in the second quarter of 2022.

AK4493S and AK4490R Daishin Kashimoto, 1st Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmoniker, as brand ambassador for VELVET SOUND


Advanced VELVET SOUND technology for high-quality sound

The AK4493S and AK4490R have been redesigned to optimize signal path impedance for much-improved noise immunity, particularly as it applies to low-frequency noise performance.  These new products achieve a dynamic and responsive sound while reducing unnecessary power consumption.

High performance analog characteristics

AK4493S: DR, S/N 123dB (2Vrms), 128dB (Large Amplitude Mono mode) THD+N: -115dB
AK4490R: DR, S/N 120dB (2Vrms), 123dB (Mono mode) THD+N: -112dB

Supports high-resolution sound sources

These devices accept up to 768 kHz PCM data and 22.4 MHz DSD data (AK4493S).


  • CD/SACD Players
  • Network Audio
  • Digital Audio Players
  • Electronic Instruments
  • Sound Bars
  • Public Address System

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