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AKM makes available sample of the AK7749, a DSP-integrated CODEC that enables microcontroller-less in-vehicle voice applications



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed and started the release of samples of the AK7749, an in-vehicle DSP-integrated CODEC with an automatic mode switching function according to the usage scenario of voice applications and a full range of digital and analog input/output interfaces.

When voice applications were used to provide voice recognition mode and various types of anomaly detection, a complex system design was conventionally required, as a microcontroller for mode switching, data reading, and software for voice had to be provided in addition to an audio device.

Additionally, the microphone's beamforming technology for clear voice capture, which AKM has developed over the past 20 years, and pre-processing for hands-free, voice recognition, and clear calls in the cabin make it ideal for a variety of "mic/speaker" module products, including automotive telematics communication units.

Adding voice functions to various in-vehicle devices such as drive recorders can also be easily configured into a system using the AK7749.



Microcomputer-less automatic mode switching performed according to usage scenarios

  • Stand-alone detection of voice recognition mode, disconnection, and system malfunctions, with automatic switching of up to 8 modes.
  • Mode switching is possible in 0.5msec by automatically loading sequential data from external memory (Flash). This easily meets various standards that require high-speed response.
  • Package size: 7mm x 7mm, 48-pin QFN

Full range of digital and analog interface specifications optimal for voice applications

  • Equipped with an audio hub that enables input/output in multiple sampling frequencies and data formats
  • Equipped with 4ch. ADC (S/N: 102dB) and 2ch. DAC (S/N: 100dB)
  • Built-in 4ch. digital microphone I/F, 4ch. SRC, and DIT/DIR

Built-in echo/noise canceller and other essential functions for in-vehicle voice applications

  • Supports 2mic beamforming required for microphone/speaker modules
  • Highly robust hands-free calling and in-vehicle communication technologies proven for in-vehicle applications
  • Operating temperature range for automotive compatibility: -40 to 105°C


  • TCU, E-call, drive recorder, in-vehicle microphone speaker module



AK7749 Datasheet
English [ak7749_p00_pbe.pdf]
(36 Pages PDF: 649KB)

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