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AKM launches new automotive audio DSPs featuring dual HiFi 4 CPUs and support for DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed the AK7018 and AK7017, pin-compatible audio DSPs featuring dual and single HiFi 4 CPUs, respectively.  These additions to the AK701x series were designed to take the in-car audio and voice experience to the next level.  Samples are scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2024.

AKM has partnered with DSP Concepts, Inc. (DSP Concepts), a global market leader in the field of embedded audio software, to bring support for the Audio Weaver platform to the AK701x family. This integration has resulted in a flexible and scalable audio and voice application development environment and brings about the rich ecosystem of 3rd party audio algorithms providers that are already on Audio Weaver.

The AK701x devices allow for great flexibility in the creation of advanced automotive infotainment systems. The AK7018’s dual HiFi 4 DSP configuration allows for simultaneous high-resolution audio processing on one core and voice processing, in addition to other features, on the other.  Since the HiFi 4 is a C-programmable DSP, users may elect to use both cores with Audio Weaver, or mix and match, using the second core (or both cores) to run other custom audio algorithms. The AK701x family’s flexible clocking options and rich I/O support are suited for even the most complex audio systems, and the single-core AK7017 provides a scalable, pin-compatible solution for more straight-forward system variants.



Highly integrated and scalable digital signal processor

The AK7018/AK7017 is an advanced digital signal processor featuring dual (AK7018) or single (AK7017) HiFi 4 DSP cores, as well as eight stereo and four mono asynchronous sample rate converters (ASRC) supporting sampling frequencies up to 192kHz. These devices also include integrated DIR and DIT peripherals.

Simultaneous multiprocessing and high-speed operation

AK7018/AK7017 allows for efficient simultaneous processing of multiple data streams at different synchronous sample rates; eight independent clock zones, combined with 20 total channels of ASRC, allow for a large variety of clocking configurations.


Additionally, the HiFi 4 DSP cores (single core on AK7017) run at up to 491.52MHz , enabling high-speed and flexible audio data processing.

Customize programs to bring out user creativity

AK7018/AK7017 is C-programmable, allowing for custom software development to suit the user's unique requirements, such as sound effects and high-performance hands-free functionality. This allows users to maximize their creativity.

About DSP Concepts, Inc.

DSP Concepts, headquartered in California, North America, is a global market leader in the embedded audio field. DSP Concepts offer an audio development platform called Audio Weaver that embodies innovative development methods in the audio field, providing users with a wide range of audio design options.
Additionally, DSP Concepts will provide a wide range of related audio IP such as Fraunhofer, DTS, BACCH, Sensory, Mimi and more, and engineering services based on Audio Weaver, providing total support for clients' audio design needs. DSP Concepts technologies have been deployed in millions of automobiles and consumer products, contributing to outstanding audio experience solutions from many top brands.


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