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Through collaboration between AKM and Silentium

Engine sound cancellation (Engine order canceller: EOC) technique

Over the years, Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) has provided customers worldwide with comfortable cabin environments through in-vehicle hands-free systems and echo cancellation techniques. AKM has entered into a licensing agreement with Silentium, a leading-edge software company in the field of Engine Order Canceller (EOC) and Active Load Noise Canceller (ARNC).

Combining DSP hardware technology that AKM has cultivated in the automotive field with Silentium's superior active noise cancellation technology, we provide EOC solutions that improve the performance of vehicles.

Refer to the demo movie for details.

Engine order canceller for improved fuel efficiency and quiet cabin interior

In general, the noise generated by internal combustion and exhaust systems, including engines, is reduced by strengthening the materials of the car body and chassis, and improving their rigidity.

However, this method leads to increased vehicle weight and fuel consumption, which in turn increases carbon dioxide emissions. It also limits vehicle performance.

To address this issue, EOC uses an active noise-canceling algorithm to reduce engine noise and to improve fuel efficiency by reducing the material and system-load on the vehicle body. EOC generates noise in reverse phase with engine noise from engine speed information obtained from the car body, and cancels unwanted sound. In addition, a microphone for feedback mounted in the cabin can compensate for fine phase shifts.

By combining AKM's small DSP with Silentium's softwarehouse, the unmatched solutions improves fuel efficiency while reducing cabin noises and creating a comfortable cabin space.

System of engine order canceller System of engine order canceller
AKM x Sillentium technology AKM x Sillentium technology

About Silentium Ltd

Silentium is headquartered in Israel and has bases for R&D and sales globally. We are contributing to noise reduction not only in automobiles but also in housing and industrial fields through the provision of our unique active noise control technology.

Please refer to the website for details.

AKM has signed a licensing agreement with Silentium Ltd to obtain a normal license for the software technique related to engine order cancellation owned by Silentium.

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