What makes AKM different?

Audio & Voice DSPs

Our products have always been favored in the automotive field, where demands are rigorous due to the background and following reasons.

An automobile is a means of transportation and at the same time, a living space where people can spend time.
While automotive systems becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, ideal solutions for audio and voice system construction is essential for responding to the needs of people for the sound environment in private spaces.

To make customers feel comfortable and safe in this space at all times, Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) has provided for many years our unique audio and voice processor products and software.

35 Years of Sound Exploration

Since releasing our first A/D and D/A converters in the late 1980s, we have consistently developed high-quality audio-grade IC while asking ourselves "what should be done to deliver good audio?"

In the automotive field, in addition to audio IC, we have accumulated high-level DSP solution technologies for hands-free calls and in-vehicle communications for more than 20 years to deliver high-quality, natural audio, and we continue to receive high evaluations from many customers.

In addition, we are pursuing audio and voice technology that focuses on the lifestyle of private spaces, such as active road noise cancellation, audio effects tailored to the cabin environment, engine sound synthesis, and cabin Karaoke, as a comfortable cabin sound design solution.

35 Years of Sound Exploration

Experience the latest VELVET SOUND products with Daishin Kashimoto, the First Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic

As the First Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic, Daishin Kashimoto is at the forefront of the international music scene.  In June of 2023, Kashimoto-san visited AKM's audio room to listen to our new flagship DAC solution, AK4191 + AK4499EX, which features our 64-bit conversion technology. He also took the time to visit AKM's Garage Lab and experience our new  VELVET SOUND for Cars in-vehicle automotive sound design processing. 

What were Kashimoto-san's impressions of these advanced technologies?  Read on to explore the unique perspectives of this world-class violinist.

Confidence and Achievements:
Our Technologies are Used in OEM Worldwide

Our specialized DSP for interior sound design have shipped over 200 million pieces in total, and are used in major OEM worldwide. This has proven the high reputation and reliability of our audio spatial design and noise cancellation solutions. In addition, it also offers unique and advanced solutions, such as the use of an engine sound creator to produce natural engine sounds. In this way, we contribute to safe and comfortable living for the automobile industry, and its users.

Confidence and Achievements

Introduction to the garage lab

We provide demonstrations that enable customers to experience our unique technologies in the cabins such as "active noise cancellation", "engine sound creators", which are realized by our in-vehicle DSP software tuning technologies.

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What makes AKM’s Audio component different ?