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AKM launches a new multi-core DSP for next-generation in-vehicle sound design: an immersive luxury audio experience



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has released the AK7709VQ, a new multi-core DSP conceived for next generation in-vehicle sound design.  This powerful low-latency, 7000 MIPS/32-bit DSP enables real-time, large-scale computational processing, allowing for features such as advanced noise cancellation and engine sound generation.  With its support for the highest-resolution audio formats, the AK7709VQ delivers an extremely immersive listening experience.

In addition, AKM has developed a sound design demonstration board by combining the AK7709VQ with the flagship 135 dB SNR DAC, the AK4499EXEQ.  In addition to these devices, which boast our highest performance in both the digital and analog realms, the sound design board is built upon PCB design expertise unique to AKM, which has been highly regarded by the audio industry for decades.

Listeners (and passengers) will be able to experience a world of authentic, immersive sound “as if you were there" via the VELVET SOUND for Cars in-cabin experience.  This unique demo is made possible not only by AKM’s advanced technology, but also by the tuning performed by AKM audio engineers who continue to exceed the rigorous demands of the high-end audio industry.

The VELVET SOUND for Cars in-cabin experience is available at AKM’s Garage Laboratories in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. In the fourth quarter of 2023, this experience will also be available at our Garage Laboratories in North America and Europe. Please contact us with inquiries regarding this demonstration (this is intended for auto makers and Tier 1 suppliers).

AK7709 x AK4499EX Sound Design Board

Product Features

Real-time large-scale arithmetic processing via multi-core technology

The AK7709VQ’s 7,000MIPS processing capability and 2.75 MB of built-in memory 2.75MB enable real-time high-resolution audio processing for automotive speaker arrays featuring 30+ channels, enabling a quiet cabin with immersive, incredibly detailed audio. This DSP is also well-suited for high sample rate multi-microphone voice processing.

Innovative software for in-cabin audio and voice processing

AKM’s proprietary sound design audio-processing suite, designed for the AK7709’s four AK77 cores, supports expert tuning that delivers a listening experience as if you were there for the original musical performance.  Additionally, the two integrated HiFi 4 DSP cores support a wide range of third-party software. AKM also offers a variety of original software products, including hands-free and in-car communication suites, which have been developed over more than 20 years of experience with audio for vehicle interiors.

Audio hub function that facilitates total system design

The built-in audio hub function, which includes 20 channels of asynchronous hardware SRC, supports flexible digital input/output to and from a multitude of digital sources and endpoints, such as music playback and telephone calls.


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