Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors

IoT 제품 보급이 기대되고있는 지금, 원거리에있는 물건의 상태를 감지하는 요구가 높아지고 있습니다.
IoT 시장을 타겟으로 한 3D 자기 센서는 X, Y, Z 방향의 자기 신호를 감지 할 수 있으며, 광범위 Range 설정 또는 고해상도 설정하에 자석이 만드는 자기장을 3 차원 백터(Vector)로 파악합니다.
IP 카메라, 감시 카메라 (방향 설정), Smart Lock (창문의 개폐 감지) 등 Connected Home (Smart Home, Smart House) 분야의 다양한 기기에 적용 할 수 있습니다.


What makes AKM different?

Solid Track Record

AKM tri-axis magnetic sensor brand "S-cube"

S-cube is a representation of AKM's tri-axis sensor philosophy, technology and sales records.

Extensive Supportability

Advantages of S-cube sensor core technology

We introduce unique S-cube core technologies and extensive support system.

Issue & Solution

We propose solutions based on AKM's tri-axis magnetic sensors that can solve a variety of sensing issues of factory automation equipment.


Use cases of S-cube solutions

Introduction of application cases utilizing S-cube sensors

  • Switch Cube
  • Magnetic metal detection
  • Door Opening / Closing Detection
  • Location Detection with LED
  • Magnetic Motion Tracking System
  • Rotation and Push Interface
  • Hand Motion Controller
  • Folding Angle Detection


  • Tri-axis Magnetic Smart Switch
  • Tri-axis Magnetic Sensor


AK09973D is ideal for non-contact detection of relative distances, postures and angles with magnets using in combination with a magnet. Utilizing the magnetic threshold interrupt function and ultra-low power consumption, it is also suitable for battery-powered security monitoring devices.

Design Support

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