AKM's current sensors, rotation angle sensors, and Hall sensors are components of high-performance and high-efficiency industrial equipment and play essential roles in achieving miniaturization. They are used in robots, servos, UPS, PV, etc.


Smart & Reliable Operation

The Power of Parts Connected to the Future

Without relying on human interventions, the machine itself determines the situation on behalf of the human and executes operations efficiently. For example, making products, carrying objects, and processing information… AKM's electronics components support various types of industrial equipment in many fields that are essential for people's livelihood. Smaller, lower-cost, and more efficient products are becoming the focus of industrial equipment. We have a lineup of current sensors, rotation angle sensors, and Hall sensors to solve these problems.

Rotation and angle control

Industrial Multi-axis robot for Industry
Industrial Industrial sewing machine
Industrial AC servo / Stepper Motors / General Inverter for Industry

Current Sensors

AC-servo amplifiers and general-purpose inverters (drives) are required to be more efficient, torque-controllable, and more compact. This requires high accuracy, low heat generation, and high speed response for phase current detection and overcurrent detection. We propose "Currentier", coreless current sensor ICs that can realize these goals.

Rotation Angle Sensors

Optical encoders, which are widely used in industrial equipment such as DC-brushless motors, stepping motors, robots, and actuators, are expensive, and yet in-house production presents technical barriers. For this reason, the use of magnetic encoders, which are easy to manufacture in-house, has increased recently. However, general magnetic encoders cannot achieve both high accuracy and off-axis alignment concurrently.
We propose replacing optical encoders with rotation angle sensors that combine these capabilities.

Power supply

Industrial Photovoltaic Inverter
Industrial UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
Industrial Switched-Mode Power Supply
Industrial Charging Station

Current Sensors

The challenges that DC/AC and UPSs of photovoltaic power controllers, switching power supplies, and EV charging stations are facing are miniaturization and increased efficiency of the equipment. In order to overcome these challenges, low heat generation and high accuracy are required for the current detectors. We propose "Currentier", coreless current sensor ICs that can realize these goals.

Brushless motors

Industrial DC brushless motor

Hall Sensors

Various types of motors are used around the world. Among them, motors with AC motors or motors with DC brushes have been conventionally used in power tools, horticultural tools, electric fans, etc. In recent years, there has been a demand for energy-saving, compact, and high-powered motors. This trend encourages replacement of these motors with DC brushless motors. DC-brushless motors require Hall elements or Hall ICs. AKM has been the world-leading manufacturer of Hall sensors for more than 40 years since 1980.