Current Sensors

Low heat generation, fast response time, high accuracy,
high S/N Ratio in Open-type coreless current sensor ICs.


Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) has developed advanced current sensors "Currentier" using the high-sensitivity compound semiconductor technology it has cultivated through its Hall elements, combined with Asahi Kasei Microdevices' advanced package design and analog circuit design technologies.

The name "Currentier" was made by combining "Current" and "Frontier". We named our product Currentier because it is a leading product in the field of current sensors thanks to its superb performance. 

"Currentier" is magnetic open-type current sensor with a built-in high-sensitivity Hall element. They can detect both DC and AC currents quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. Despite their small size, they generate less heat and have high isolation. Currentiers are safe, high performance products that are available in many models and which can be used for current detection in a variety of applications, helping solve your problems.

What makes AKM different ?

The reason why AKM's current sensors are chosen is that they can solve customers' problems over a wide range of applications!

AKM's current sensors can solve customers' problems over a wide range of applications for the following four reasons.

  1. Produce high-performance products with high technological capabilities
  2. Superior characteristics than other current detection methods
  3. Extensive track records over a wide range of applications
  4. Enhanced support tools


There is an extensive lineup of Currentier series that can be used for various applications.
In the "Lineup" section, you can select products based on their performance and specifications.

  • CZ375 Series
  • CZ372, CZ370 Series
  • CZ3A Series


Currentiers can be used in a variety of applications.
The "Application" section contains examples of how Currentiers can be used to solve problems in individual applications, as well as recommendations regarding which products to use in each application.

  • AC servo / General Inverter (Drives) for Industry
  • Photovoltaic Inverter
  • Next-generation power devices (SiC/GaN)
  • Charging station

Design Support

In the "Design Support" section, you can find various tools, documents, FAQs, etc. for your design.

  • Coreless current sensor IC Thermal Simulation Tool
  • Input / Output Characteristics Check Tool
  • Motor Error Calculation Tool
  • Creepage / Clearance distance Calculation tool
  • Datasheets 
  • Application Notes
  • Gerber Files
  • FAQ
  • Certified with safety standards
  • Quality Specification


Currentier can contribute to solving various problems of control equipment with the above features.

  • System Downsizing
  • Reducing Design Man-hours
  • Creating a Safer System
  • Improving System Efficiency and Providing More Precise Control


Currentiers are classified as coreless current sensors, which is one of the current sensing methods. Other current detection methods include shunt resistor + insulated amplifier/insulated ADC and cored current sensors.

In the "Tutorials" section we explain the advantages and disadvantages of each detection method in detail. This section also provides information to help you select the right current sensor for your application and useful information that can help you solve your current detection problems.

  • System Downsizing
  • Reducing Design Man-hours
  • Creating a Safer System
  • Improving System Efficiency and Providing More Precise Control

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