Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting IC that converts a small amount of the energy around us into electrical power and utilizing it

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) contributes to the development of a primary-battery-free system through its original energy harvesting circuit technology.

AKM's step-up DC/DC converters step-up mV incoming voltage to harvest and convert the tiny environmental energies, such as water and body heat, to the power supply voltage of an IoT terminal or similar device. Using its ability to boost the voltage even if the power from the generator is small, it contributes to the miniaturization of IoT devices. This wireless converter does not require replacement of batteries.

What is AKM's Energy Harvesting IC?

AKM engineers directly explain the technical know-how related to environmental power generation and step-up DC/DC converters.

Electric power simulator

This simulator allows you to calculate the power of the step-up DC/DC converter of AKM and check how long you need to harvest environmental energy from it.

Applications Examples

Here are some examples of how AKM's step-up DC/DC converters can be used.

To those looking for a power generation element

You may be able to find the power generation devices that have been evaluated and checked for connectivity with AKM's step-up DC/DC converters and their manufacturers.

Contact us if you need to select a power generator.

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About Energy Harvesting

What makes AKM different ?

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