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AKM concludes license agreement with Silentium


Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) concluded license agreement with Silentium for QuietBubble™ software technology of Engine Order Cancellation (EOC)*1.
AKM has entered into a license agreement with Silentium Ltd (Silentium) for Siltentium’s proprietary QuietBubble™ (QB™) software technology of EOC. Under the agreement above, AKM has been granted to incorporate the QB™ technology for EOC into AKM’s main product, audio voice processors, and to distribute such products worldwide.
Recently, the need for quietness in the car cabin is rapidly increasing due to the progress of automated driving systems. In the future, AKM's audio voice processors incorporating Silentium's Active Noise Control (ANC)*2 technology software will reduce not only engine noise but also any noise entering the car cabin. AKM will contribute to the quietness and comfortableness of the car cabin.

*1 Engine Order Cancellation (EOC)

It is one of the active noise control technologies.It is a technology that generates a reverse phase signal to the noise generated from the engine and cancels unwanted noise.

*2 Active Noise Control (ANC)

A method of reducing noise by generating a reverse phase sound wave against the unwanted noise wave.

About Silentium Ltd

Silentium is a company located in Israel with a global R&D and sales base. Silentium contributes to the quietness of not only automobile interiors but also housing and industrial products by its unique active noise control technology.
Please visit the company’s website for more information on Silentium.