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AKM releases low latency 4ch A/D converter for automotive ANCs



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed a 4-channel A/D converter (ADC), the AK5734 for microphones, aiming at active noise control systems (ANC) and road noise control systems (RNC), which are increasingly being installed in automobiles. By combining with the previously released 6-channel ADC the AK5736, the system can accommodate various microphone channels. Besides ANC and RNC, it is ideal for the microphone input of a wide variety of in-vehicle systems.



Microphone Connection Monitoring

The AK5734 integrates, "Diagnostics function", monitoring for microphone connections. Even during operation, connection abnormalities are notified in real time. In addition to the simple diagnostic mode with 100mV accuracy, a high-precision diagnostic mode with 12-bit accuracy has been implemented. It is also possible to read the DC level (12-bit accuracy) of the connection pins through registers and use it for user-specific diagnostic algorithms.

Signal Processing with Low Latency

The AK5734 features 4.3 [1/fs] low latency signal processing. This contributes to improving accuracy of noise cancellation in ANC and RNC systems where real time processing is required.

High Input Impedance

This product supports high input impedance of 1.48MΩ (typ.). External filters and attenuators required for microphone input and line input can be easily designed. Accelerometers with high output impedance can also be connected without a buffer amplifier.


  • Active Noise Control systems (ANC)
  • Road Noise Control systems (RNC)
  • Microphone modules
  • In-vehicle amplifier units 
  • In-vehicle head units
  • Car audio
  • Telematics Control Units (TCU)