Absolute angle detection with high-accuracy by easy assembly

Absolute angle detection
with high-accuracy by easy assembly

Rotation Angle Sensors

High Reliable Angle Detection Demonstration Video

Do we need to assemble an encoder in clean room?

→No, you don't need a clean room in case of magnetic encoder. You can assemble it even in your office or laboratory.

Is it difficult to assemble an encoder?

→No, it's easy.  The magnetic encoder can be easily built with only a magnet and an angle sensor. AKM's angle sensor that detects the magnetic field in parallel to the chip surface has high tolerance to misalignment* and does not require high-precision assembly.

* The data about angle-error by a misalignment is listed in this application note.

You can see how the magnet and angle sensor are attached to the motor to detect the absolute angle in this demo video.

(Overview of video)

The magnet and sensor-board are manually  attached on the shaft of the motor in the shaft-end configuration.

After assembly, a sensor detects the absolute angle by using a microcomputer, and the angle error is monitored. The sensor detects with angle-accuracy about 0.3 degrees* without calibration.

* The calibration function can further improve the angle accuracy. Click here for details.

* The demonstration-kit shown in this video is for demonstration purposes only and is not sold.

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