Rotation Angle Sensors

Basic Knowledge of


I have been working on encoder business for five years, and there is one thing I have always felt. There are very few books on encoders. Even if we are going to study encoders, they are just introduced on only 2-3 pages in books on sensors and mechanical engineering. Are encoders so minor? The answer is No. Encoders are widely used in the world.

If there is no easy-to-understand explanation anywhere, let's make it by ourselves! 
So, we decided to sort out the knowledge we had so far.

In this series, we would like to explain not only basic knowledge of encoder, but also answer the questions that people who have just started would think of, as much as possible.
In the first part, the role of encoders is introduced. In part 2 and 3, types and mechanisms of encoder are introduced. From part 4 to 7, we will explain the principle and features of encoder.