Environmental information


The AKM Group has acquired ISO14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems, for each district where business establishments are located. We are particularly committed to preventive activities based on ISO14001 to prevent environmental pollution accidents from occurring because we handle a large amount of chemical materials in our products and manufacturing processes. We are also promoting efforts toward the realization of a low-carbon society and the formation of a sound material-cycle society.


In order to deliver products with low environmental impact, it is essential to involve the entire supply chain, so that not only the AKM Group takes independent initiatives. Therefore, when procuring and purchasing the necessary resources, the AKM Group is working on green procurement, which preferentially procures and purchases raw materials and materials that have less environmentally harmful contents.

We investigate and confirm the dangers and harmfulness of raw materials and general materials, as well as laws and regulations. We demand similar consideration for outsourcing contractors, not just those materials purchased directly by the AKM Group. In addition, we carry out strict management, such as conducting surveys of suppliers as necessary, and strive to comply with the laws and regulations and protect the environment. We manage the target chemical materials in RoHS, REACH, etc. using the latest version of "chemSHERPA", which is a tool widely used in the electrical and electronic industry to transmit information on chemical materials contained in products.

It is necessary not only to prevent materials that have an adverse effect on the environment from diffusing into the environment through production activities, but also to avoid diffusing into the environment through actual products. Therefore, the AKM Group has clarified "chemical materials prohibited by law", "environmentally hazardous materials", "materials inappropriate for corporate ethics" and "customer-required controlled materials" so that they should not be included in products and packaging materials.  In addition, we will promptly obtain information on "chemical materials that require information communication" through the supply chain, and actively disclose and communicate with customers and related parties.

Semiconductor devices use various materials. We will avoid the use of environmentally hazardous materials as much as possible, and if it is unavoidable due to its characteristics, we will clearly indicate its existence and strive for appropriate management.

Regulations on chemical materials have been enacted in Japan under the Act on the Evaluation of Chemical materials and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc. (Chemical materials Control Act), the Act on the Promotion of Chemical materials Emission Control (PRTR Act), the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and the Poisonous and Deleterious materials Control Act, while directives and regulations regarding use restriction and content prohibition within the European Union (EU) are expanding internationally through the European Parliament and Council Directives. Products that do not comply with EU regulations cannot be sold in EU member states. Strict regulations such as EU RoHS and REACH are enacted by the European Commission. Not only products, but also raw materials related to production and materials related to logistics are required to be free of materials that pose an environmental burden. The AKM Group has established guidelines for chemical material management and manages products (including samples) and packaging materials so that they do not contain environmentally hazardous materials.

In addition, we have set environmentally hazardous materials and standard values, and clearly indicate the materials that make up products and packaging materials by classifying them into the following three categories.

  1. Materials subject to domestic and foreign laws and regulations such as RoHS and Chemical materials Control Law
  2. Standards applicable to halogen-free products
  3. REACH SVHC (materials of Very High Concern)

Of the regulations for these materials, 1. and 2. prohibit intentional use. Regarding item 3, materials intentionally contained in the product at 0.1 wt% or more are subject to monitoring. In this way, apart from the standards set by the AKM Group, we will also consider how to comply with regulations and standards in customers, countries, regions, and industries upon request. We also respond to various inquiries regarding the product environment (customer's designated form, chemSHERPA, JAPIA / IMDS, ingredient list, non-use certificate, etc.).

Explanation of the AKM Group environment-related materials

At the request of our customers, the AKM Group provides materials related to the environment, such as information on materials contained in products, as needed. The following are examples of environmental materials provided by the AKM Group. (May vary depending on the content of the contract with the customer and the content described).
If you have any requests regarding the submission of materials, please contact your distributor or the sales representative of the AKM Group.