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AKM develops RF transceiver with integrated power amplifier for Chinese ETC



The proliferation of cars in China has had an increasing impact on traffic congestion and air pollution. Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) has developed the RF transceiver AK1555 for use in ETC terminals in China, using RF analog circuit design and integration technology that has been proven in-vehicle.

The AK1555 has been optimized for Chinese ETC terminals, and has reduced the need for external components by integrating an amplifier. This integration also allows for a wider variety of potential ETC terminal installations.



Compatible with Chinese ETC standard GBT 20851-2007

The AK1555’s RF transmit power and receive sensitivity specifications meet the GBT 20851-2007 standard.

Integrated power amplifier (PA) and low noise amplifier (LNA)

With the integration of over +10dBm transmit power and -75dBm (typ.) receive sensitivity amplifiers, external PAs and LNAs are eliminated.
The transmit output and receive sensitivity can be adjusted via configuration register, so the AK1555 can be used for both built-in antenna ETC and antenna-separated ETC.

High suppression ratio characteristics to co-channel and adjacent channel waves

In Chinese ETC communication, the suppression ratio characteristics of RF transceiver are an important benchmark because the co-channel and adjacent channel signals act as disturbances to the communication channel.
The AK1555 has excellent characteristics, with a co-channel suppression ratio of 8dB (typ.) and adjacent channel suppression ratio of 8dB (typ.).

Built-in FM0 Modem and FIFO buffer

The AK1555 is capable of switching between an interface with a built-in FM0 modem & FIFO buffer (Frame Data Mode) and an interface without a modem and buffer (Raw Data Mode).
The user may select the appropriate mode depending on the OBU architecture.

Compatible with AEC-Q100

The AK1555 is compatible with the AEC-Q100 standard, a reliability requirement for automotive electronic components.


Chinese Electronic Toll Collection system (ETC) car terminal
RF transceiver optimized for On Board Unit (OBU) compliant with GBT 20851-2007