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AKM releases 5.9GHz transceiver IC with IF filter and power amplifier for supporting Japanese ETC2.0/ETC system

2020/05/26 (updated on 2020/06/16)


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan has announced the promotion of ETC 2.0* that notifies you of accidents and traffic jam information and provides the best time route assist service. This system is expected to spread as a part of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) for a safe and ecological car society.

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed the 5.9GHz transceiver AK1554 for use in ETC 2.0 On-Board Unit (OBU) and the AK1554E for ETC one. The AK1554/AK1554E are the replacement products for the AK1553/AK1553E. These new products integrate an intermediate frequency (IF) filter for reception, in addition to the power amplifier for transmission and the low noise amplifier (LNA) for reception. This makes it possible to specify Adjacent Channel Selectivity (ACS) and achieves its performance that supports the ETC2.0/ETC communication standard (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses: ARIB STD-T75).

The AK1554E is available now. Mass production of the AK1554 is scheduled for spring 2021.


* Electronic Toll Collection: ETC 2.0 is the world first driver supporting service via a vehicle infrastructure integration promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan.
* The AK1554/AK1554E are also available for new security ETC OBUs.


Compatible with Japanese ETC standard ARIB STD-T75

The Characteristics of AK1554/AK1554E meet the ETC2.0/ETC communication standard. Their performance also satisfies the specifications of transmission and ACS in ARIB STD-T75 standard by themselves. This makes it easier to design OBUs.

Integrated power amplifier, LNA and IF filter

The power amplifier for transmission, LNA and IF filter for reception are integrated, so that the number of components in OBUs can be reduced. Since the parameter setting of these internal circuits is adjusted via configuration register, output power and receiver sensitivity are easily adjusted to match the insertion loss due to a RF cable.

High compatibility

The AK1554 and AK1554E are compatible with the pin arrangement and external parts, so the same layout and parts are available for both ETC2.0/ETC OBUs design.

Connectable to baseband LSI via digital interface

The AK1554/AK1554E can connect the transmitted and received signal waveforms with a baseband LSI via digital interface because of ASK/QPSK modem integration. This eliminates the need for modulation and demodulation processing in the baseband LSI so that RF block evaluation can be simplified in these devices.

* The QPSK modem is integrated in the AK1554 only.


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