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AKM releases a highly safe gas sensor for detection of micro-flammable refrigerant (R32)



Senseair, a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM), has begun sales of a highly safe gas sensor, Sunlight R32, for the detection of micro-flammable refrigerant (R32).

While installation of a refrigerant leakage detector in air conditioners is becoming progressively compulsory mainly in the North American market, detectors are required to comply with various standards such as UL 60335-2-40.
Sunlight R32 is an NDIR type gas sensor that has a LED as the light source and a photodiode in the sensor section.
This ensures highly safe operation of equipment that uses a micro-flammable refrigerant (R32).
In addition, its high speed response and high accuracy features make it possible to configure a leak detection system that meets the requirement of the UL 60335-2-40 Standard.
Equipped with a self-correcting algorithm (ABC: Automatic Baseline Correction), Sunlight R32 can be used for a long period of time without the need for maintenance.

Sunlight R32


High safety

Sunlight R32 applies an NDIR system that uses a LED as the light source and a photodiode in the sensor section.
LED hardly generates heat when it emits light, and even if flammable gases leak, it does not become an ignition source.
Highly safe and R32 (CH2F2) can be measured.

High accuracy and long life

Measuring range: Standard 0 to 25%LFL, Extended 25 to 50%LFL

Measuring accuracy: +/-2.5%LFL (at Standard), +/-5%LFL (at Extended)

Operating temperature: -30 to 60℃ (at Standard), -40 to -30°C, 60 to 70℃ (at Extended)

Life expectancy 15 years or more under normal environment

Ultra-low power consumption and compact package

Average current consumption: 94 μA (@Measurement period 2s)

Package size: 34 mm x 21 mm x t12 mm


  • Packaged air conditioners
  • Room air conditioners
  • Heating and cooling products
  • Chiller units, dehumidifiers
  • Control panel coolers

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