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Developed an IC for millimeter-wave radar transceivers that is capable of simultaneous detection of positions and respiratory rates of multiple persons and achieved 7[GHz] frequency-modulation on 57-64[GHz].



Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) has developed a new IC AK5816, a millimeter-wave radar transceivers, using our patented AD-PLL (All Digital PLL) technology and commenced shipment of samples.

Equipped with a high-speed and high accuracy ADC, frequency modulation circuit with high-speed and high-linearity at 7GHz. AK5816 can detect multiple persons simultaneously with high-range resolution of 2.2cm. It also employs a configuration specializing in MIMO sensing. This achieves power savings while maintaining high performance. Mass production of AK5816 is scheduled to begin in March 2024.

The algorithm we have developed enables the simultaneous checking of positions and respiratory rates of multiple persons. This feature makes it easier to develop applications in the security-related areas, such as watching over conditions of the person in a bathroom or toilet at a residence and detection of intruders.

In addition, it is possible to select whether the received data is output as a MIPI CSI-2® * or as a data cube by using the internal signal-processing function, enabling the designing of a system to the customer's request.

*MIPI CSI-2® is a registered trademark of MIPI Alliance, Inc..


Product Features

Circuitry properties that achieves high accuracy measuring

  • Reception NF: 10[dB] typ.
  • High range resolution of 2.2[cm] achieved by the 7[GHz] frequency modulation technology
  • Receiver Data Sampling Rate: 53.3[Msps/ch].

MIMO sensing configuration that achieves both power saving and high performance

  • Consumes significantly less power from 3[W] to 1[W] while maintaining analogue performance equivalent to the existing 79[GHz] band product, AK5811CP

Interface design tailored to the customer's development environment

  • Available for customer's own signal processing with the support of MIPI CSI-2® output
  • Data output with reduced transmission rate is available by using the built-in signal processing function


  • Detection of positions and respirations of multiple persons
  • Watch-over system for conditions of persons in bathrooms and toilets
  • Detection of break-in while the resident is absent