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Rotation and Push Interface

Tri-axis magnetic sensor, AK0997x is the most suitable sensor for measuring strong magnetic fields in magnets.

The magnetic sensitivity in the three axes makes it easy to detect which direction the magnetic field is being applied to the sensor. 

By simultaneously capturing changes in the magnetic field in three dimensions, 

it is possible to perform not only rotational movements but also Push/pull motion can also be detected at the same time. 

The non-contact detection makes it easy to waterproof and dustproof the products with high durability.

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors


What kind of demo?

  • Easily detects disk rotation and push
  • Simple configuration with a 3D magnetic sensor and a single magnet


How do you detect it?

  • The magnetic field imprinted on the sensor changes in accordance with the rotating magnet.
  • The rotation angle can be calculated from the applied X- and Y-axis magnetic fields.
  • As the magnet moves closer to the sensor in accordance with the push motion, the magnetic field to be applied becomes larger, so the push motion can be detected.
  • Can be configured to be resistant to dust and water because of non-contact detection.
  • The 3D magnetic sensor AK0997x is capable of detecting 3D magnetic fields on the order of "mT".
  • The switching function using a variable threshold can also be utilized.


For what purpose?

  • The function selection dial of the washing machine, the execution button, 
  • and the knobs of the gas stove in the kitchen
  • Suitable for all kinds of functional knobs (volume control, on/off) of home appliances.


Detail of Demo kit

  • Sensor/magnet/MCU/battery are provided.
  • Install the sensor on the back side of the case (so that the magnet and the axis of the sensor match).
  • Attach a magnet to the center of rotation of the disc and set it in the case.
  • The sensor detects the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field that changes with the movement of the rotating magnet.
  • The rotation angle of the disc is calculated and displayed on your smartphone.
  • Push operation can also be detected at the same time.
  • Disk detachment can also be detected.

[Note] AK09973 is recommended instead of AK09970.


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