In-Car Communication

Audio & Voice DSPs

In-Car Communication by DSP for Audio and Voice

For stress-free conversation during driving


Improving uncomfortable loud conversation when driving or playing music


Implement expanded EC/NC software with 20 years of experience in voice DSP


Realize comfortable conversation when driving or playing music

In-Car Communication


Existing Solution…

Existing Solution… Unsafe driving position!
  • Unnatural conversation due to long system delay time
  • Need to switch the hands-free setting between Idling and Driving
  • Communication in high volume is not available due to feedback / howling
  • All other sound sources must be stopped to reduce echo

Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) In-Car Communication Solution

AKM In-Car Communication Solution Enjoy driving safely!
  • Natural conversation with low latency DSP (no echo)
  • Auto volume control function: no change in setting require
  • Howling cancelling technology: higher volume is achieved
  • Audio signal and Navigation prompts can run in parallel
  • Quick and easy switching between ICC / HF/ Audio
One-Directional ICC One-Directional ICC
Bi-Directional ICC Bi-Directional ICC