Audio & Voice DSPs

More enjoyable time in vehicles - even karaoke while driving

"The long-time drive is boring, so you want to enjoy the time more.”

Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) proposes audio & voice processors for raising entertainment characteristics. 
You drive usually on listening to music and watching a movie. With audio & voice processors of AKM, sounds improving entertainment characteristics are realized even in vehicles.


What is a karaoke in vehicles ?

Choosing a karaoke mode, you can enjoy real karaoke even in vehicles. Preparing one microphone, you can experience karaoke by using music in car audio system or in your smartphone. 
It seems to be one choice while automatic driving is advancing now and how to spend the time in a car is changing. For example, in China, karaoke in a car is considered as one of the choices.

Realizing karaoke using IVI system in vehicles, we do as the following.

  • Stereo Audio Echo Canceller → You can fell pure music by cancelling echo.
  • Howling Canceller → It automatically detects a howling frequency and prevents howling. 
  • Hall Simulator → It enables you to raise your singing voice.
  • Vocal Remover → You can enjoy karaoke by using music without the original voice.
What is a karaoke in vehicles ?