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AKM announces the new VELVET SOUND for Cars brand


Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) announces the new VELVET SOUND for Cars brand, which delivers an experience as if you were there when the music was performed, even in the automotive cabin space. 

昇圧型 DC/DC コンバーター AP4473


Since their first audio product was released in 1987, AKM has consistently provided high quality audio ICs and automotive audio and voice products for 35 years while asking "what's the best way to deliver great sound to the listener?" With the advent of self-driving cars, the in-cabin experience will increasingly become leisure time; the new question is “what’s the best way to deliver lifelike sound to the listener in the car?”

The acoustic space in an automotive interior consists of multiple types of materials.  This leads to an environment with complex characteristics, such as reflections from glass and sound absorption due to the seats; it’s also necessary to account for noise sources specific to automobiles, such as road noise. 

Therefore, simply enhancing the audio hardware, such as the speakers and amplifiers, is not enough to achieve a sound that captivates the senses. Exceptional sound design, enhanced by AKM’s exceptional audio algorithms, must fully unravel and comprehend the characteristics of the acoustic space and compensate for them in a way that is pleasing to the ear. It is important to recall that this is a goal which cannot be measured by numerical characteristics alone.

For that reason, Asahi Kasei's tuning is carried out under the supervision of audio professionals who spend every day working with and learning from the Audio Meisters who have continued to exceed the rigorous demands of the high-end audio industry.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the new VELVET SOUND for Cars sound design solutions brand. AKM’s mastery of three key technologies - high-quality audio ICs, software algorithms, and tuning - has led to a captivating listening experience that feels as if you were there when the music was performed, even in the car.