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New audio DAC for XR, 32% smaller footprint, reproduces cinematic realism



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has started mass production of the AK4333ECB, a 32-bit stereo audio D/A converter (DAC) with built-in headphone amplifier. While the mounting area has been significantly reduced by 32% compared to our previous products, the features of high sound quality and low power consumption are maintained. This product was developed to enhance the acoustic experience of VR headsets and AR glasses (sunglass-type display), which allow users to enjoy watching video content anywhere on a large screen comparable to a movie theater.



Mounting area reduced by 32% compared to conventional in-house products

The mounting area including external components is much smaller than our conventional product (AK4331). A 24-pin CSP package is used. Furthermore, when I²C is not used, the Parallel Mode Control function reduces the number of wires. This makes it easier to separate the DAC from the main board, thus increasing the flexibility of the layout inside the chassis.



Equipped with VELVET SOUND technology

  • "VELVET SOUND Technology," a high-quality sound technology used in premium DACs for high-end audio equipment, is also incorporated in products for portable equipment.
  • Wide dynamic range in addition to low distortion characteristics.
  • Four types of 32-bit digital filters are built in.
  • The AK4333 contributes to improving the sound quality of your system.

High audio characteristics with low power consumption

It has a high performance of SNR=109 dB with low power consumption of 6.4 mW, and furthermore, THD+N=-100 dB at a load of 32 ohm. The ground reference headphone amplifier is also equipped with an impedance detection function. This enables you to achieve optimal sound quality within your headphones.


  • VR headsets
  • AR glasses (sunglass-type display)
  • Wireless headphones
  • Portable music players
  • Audiobook playing devices
  • Portable Gaming Devices